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Thesaurus Management System
WHO Drug
1 MedDRA stands for Medical Dictionary of Regulatory Affairs
2 Standard dictionary for Adverse Events and mandated for use in SAE reporting by the US FDA and EMEA
3 Maintained by Northrop Grumman, formerly TRW, via an awarded contract by an internal consortium of regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical companies.
4 The MSSO division of Northrop Grumman maintains the MedDRA dictionary and sells subscriptions
5 Updated every 6 months, with releases ending in .0 for March releases and .1 for Sep releases
6 MedDRA primarily contains 5 levels

System Organ Class, this is the most general level of classifying an AE

High Level Group Term

High Level Term

Preferred Term

Lowest Level Term (This is usually the term coded against).
7 SMQs, or Standard MedDRA Queries, as of release 9.0 which allow “broad” and “narrow” conditionally based grouping of terms (mostly PTs) by special general disease/indication categories.
Clinical Research
CDM – Data Management System for Clinical Research
PGDCR / MS in Clinical Research
LIMS - Laboratory Information Management Systems
Batch III PGDCR starting on 19th January 2009.
We have landed at our new CRO facility, for a sparkling start
Autoscribe UK has appointed Mithas Labs to further expand its network of business partners offering pre-sales and post-sales services for its successful LIMS, scientific and business software solutions and implementation across India.
Mithas Labs has chosen Oracle Clinical for CDM License.
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