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Matrix Gemini LIMS
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Instrument Calibration
Managing your instruments and equipment more effectively

Autoscribe's Instrument Calibration and Maintenance System (ICMS) is a convenient way to maintain all your records on the equipment in your laboratory and/or your company. Supplied as a separate product or as part of Matrix LIMS, it holds and reports on three classes of important information. ICMS is a useful utility in any environment and especially useful for maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.

Instrument Inventory

Information relating to each piece of equipment such as code, description, class, serial number, model number, manufacturer, supplier, location, date of purchase, etc.


Calibration intervals may be set by time or usage. All calibration activities can be recorded and checked against calibration limits. Out of limit results are flagged and the instrument status can be changed to "unavailable". Comments may be entered to explain results or actions.


Scheduling of routine maintenance intervals may be managed according to manufacturer recommendations. Faults, breakdowns and non-routine operations can be recorded. Comments may be entered for each event and maintenance costs can be entered and tracked. Several standard screen views and printed reports are included such as

Instrument inventory listing with calibration and maintenance schedules.
A list of all instruments due for calibration within X days
A list of all instruments due for maintenance within X days
Overdue calibrations or maintenance
The entire maintenance log for any instrument
Non-routine maintenance logs

New Features

The latest version of ICMS includes electrical safety checking in addition to calibration and maintenance. In addition, an instrument system (e.g. HPLC) can be linked to components (e.g. detector, pump, etc) which can be individually managed.

Any ODBC compliant reporting tool can be used to develop your own reports eg Business Objects Crystal Reports.

Clinical Research
CDM – Data Management System for Clinical Research
PGDCR / MS in Clinical Research
LIMS - Laboratory Information Management Systems
Batch III PGDCR starting on 19th January 2009.
We have landed at our new CRO facility, for a sparkling start
Autoscribe UK has appointed Mithas Labs to further expand its network of business partners offering pre-sales and post-sales services for its successful LIMS, scientific and business software solutions and implementation across India.
Mithas Labs has chosen Oracle Clinical for CDM License.
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