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Choose Sample Tracker if you have a non-laboratory application or just need a laboratory Sample Tracker which allows you to track samples and the progress of work and is suitable for many applications in a wide variety of industries. Sample Tracker may be used in both highly regulated and unregulated industries and provides exactly the same user experience no matter how you access the application; rich client on your LAN, thin client on your WAN, or via the Web using your standard browser.

Our unique OneTime Configuration tools automatically create a unified Sample Tracking configuration for both desktop and web use. Once a screen has been built using the unique OneTime Configuration Tools, it is immediately available on your network or via the Web.

Sample Tracker

Simplifies sample management by tracking all work and samples
Enhances traceability and accountability by auditing all actions
Saves time by automatically allocating tasks / tests to samples as they are registered
Eliminates errors by allocating a unique identifier to each sample
Provides immediate feedback on work progress using the status features
Enhances available information through a standard set of reports e.g. trend of sample turnaround times
Allows full protection of entered data
Supports barcoding (requires barcode hardware)

Unlike other systems that have "bolt on" web pages, older legacy code and esoteric, proprietary scripting languages, Sample Tracker is built on Autoscribe’s Matrix Gemini technology and is developed using pure Microsoft .NET tools. This new technology allows you to implement exactly the same interface for all users, reducing your deployment, training, validation and maintenance costs. It also allows you to deploy modern software that delivers a sustainable product for the 21st century which is demonstrably

Better by Design
Easier to Use and Support
Faster to Implement
Designed for Business Changes

Sample Tracker supports "Chain of Custody" requirements and assists in capturing changes made to submitter and sample information. Sample Tracker is the right application for managers or operators, who want better visibility of their operations but do not want to implement a full LIMS. However, when you wish to do so, there is a simple upgrade path to the Matrix Gemini LIMS family.

Sample Tracker allows the registration of samples, the creation of worklists, progress / status checking, chain of custody management and reporting. Details of sample submitters, product types and users, with their associated authority, are all stored within the system.

Sample Tracker sample registration provides a “browser” for selecting products / substances and can automatically assign a series of tests to the sample. Sample Tracker sample registration also offers a notes database field. Automatic label generation with bar-codes is supported. Sample test suites can be assigned automatically and if required modified to accommodate changes in the testing regimes.
Sample Tracker is supplied with a standard suite of functional reports including Worksheets, Work Pending, Sample Status and Audit Trial. Any laboratory system should comply with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), and Sample Tracker is no exception. Any changes to data are recorded along with the date and time of the change and identity of the user who made the change. All such historical data may be reported as required. In order to accommodate GLP, GxP, FDA, ISO9000 and other regulatory requirements, the system automatically records who performed essential functions related to a sample and when they occurred. Once entered, records cannot be removed from the database. Instead, Sample Tracker retains revisions of each record within the database which can be used to track the history of a sample.

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