(Employee Stock Option Plan)

To encourage the interest of the employees to align individual’s contribution with company goals, to boost the share market value, employee’s interest with those of the organization. Hence employees are rewarded with the company’s ownership in proportion to their contribution based on their performance.

Shareholding and Capital Structure

The Company has mobilized $2.5 Million through equity and Debt.

Corporate Governance

Mithas Labs is dedicated to a quality of Corporate Governance and adherence to standard structure and reporting system as required by private limited companies in India.

The Board has Promoter group and the specialist group including Doctors and Notable Members. Mithas Labs’s Board, led by a Non-Executive Chairman, comprises of 9 members including 4 independent directors. The Board meets regularly.

The Board acknowledges the responsibility for Mithas Labs’s systems of internal control and effectiveness. The systems and control mechanisms are intended to manage and eliminate the risk associated with business activities, to the extent possible.

Mithas Labs adheres to quarterly audit of its financial statements. Audit Committee setup by the Board reviews and assess’ the internal controls and financials as well as to advice on matters in order to mitigate risk. The committee reports its recommendations in writing to the board.

The Board has also set up a remuneration committee to review and approve the compensation plans, employee benefit schemes, stock option schemes and other related matters. The committee reports its recommendations in writing to the board.

Legal Counsel

Mr. Ashok Menon, Advocate
Kurban Mansion, 321/156 Linghi Chetty Street,
II floor, Chennai 600001.


Federal Bank, Chennai